To participate as a high school athlete in Colorado, students and parents are required by CCSD and the Colorado High School Activities Association (CHSAA) to create a student and a parent account in Planet HS (formally called ArbiterAthlete). This platform will be the system for Academic Eligibility Filing and Document Transfer Management between schools and the state association.  You will need to complete the registration through Planet HS (formally called ArbiterAthlete).  You only need to do this ONCE during your high school career, therefore this applies to incoming freshmen, new students, or returning students who did not previously complete this.

You may use your smart phone to create this account on Planet HS:

by texting S42149 to 69274.  

It only takes about one minute to create the account.

For questions regarding, contact

In addition, CCHS has a new Athletic web site and therefore, a new registration process.  Each athlete will need to create a new account as the old accounts are no longer in existence.  To do so, please click HERE. If you need the pre-participation physical form, you can find it under the "Other Forms" dropdown menu after clicking on the "Athletic Team Registration" icon.