The Cherry Creek Touchdown Club has its roots in the 1979 Season of Creek Football. In the fall of that year, Coach Fred Tesone approached Roger Helm, whose son Corey was on the team (to be followed by his other son Blake Helm 84' and then grandsons Parker 14' and Gunnar 21'). He said there was no booster club for the football team, and perhaps it was time to start one. At Coach Tesone’s behest, Mr. Helm organized a group of football parents, who set out and combed the neighborhood around the school, selling advertisements and seeking the support of the first Football Program produced by the Touchdown Club. The first edition was printed late into the night on the Thursday before the first game. With the cooperation of the night staff and some parent volunteers it was printed in the school print shop. Up-to-date rosters and statistics for the ongoing season were printed each week for insertion into the program. Members of Cherry Creek’s many clubs and activities sold the programs at home games for 50 cents and were allowed to keep the money for their clubs’ activities. The money raised from the sale of ads was used to buy equipment for the weight room. At the end of the season, Coach Tesone wrote a personal note of thanks to each advertiser.

Thirty five years later, today’s Cherry Creek Touchdown Club (CCTC) isn’t really much different than the original. It’s comprised of parent volunteers, who raise money for the team through the sale of fundraisers, cheer gear, merchandise, and most importantly, ads in the program. The  funds are used to provide summer training, equipment, jerseys, helmets, team sweats, a “spirit package” of football gear, meals for the team and coaches before the varsity games, special events, water, healthy snacks, end of season banquets, and more. The CCTC also supports the team through organizing volunteers for various administrative activities, parent and alumni functions, acting as an information link between parents and coaches, and anything else the coaching staff needs.