About the Bruin Touchdown Club: The Cherry Creek High School Bruin Touchdown Club is comprised of parent volunteers who raise money for the team through generous corporate sponsorships and individual donations. Funds are used to provide world class athletic and leadership training for 180 football athletes at Cherry Creek High School including varsity, junior varsity and freshman teams.

Your Sponsorship = Marketing Touchdown: Our student athletes already contribute a significant portion of our budget, but we rely on our community to fill the gap. Your donation provides equipment, helmets, uniforms, player sweats, football program, pre-game dinners, team banquet, training, and scholarships & financial assistance.

Supporting Your Community Is Good for Business:  Your organization will build goodwill within the community by investing in programs like the Cherry Creek High School Bruin Touchdown Club that works to provide leadership and physical development for young athletes. Besides community goodwill, the visibility of your sponsorship is good business. We expect news coverage at our games to be common place and crowds at all home games.

Our Funding Need: While the Cherry Creek School District receives taxpayer funding to operate Cherry Creek High School, the school does not receive the funding needed to sports teams. In fact, our student athletes rely on corporate sponsorships, parent contributions, fundraisers, cheer gear and ads in the program to adequately fund the program.

Your Business/Organization will be widely recognized throughout our community: 

  • $136,743 = average household income for community
  • 64,000 = people live within the Cherry Creek H.S. boundaries
  • 8,500 = # of stadium seats, several home games
  • 365 = # of days your ad/link will be on Cherry Creek football website.
  • 50+ = # of times CCHS football team expected to be mentioned in news each season
  • 180+ = Student athletes receiving benefit from your sponsorship


If you would like to make a donation with a credit card, please use the below form for "online donation".  Or you can mail a check made out to "BTC" (Bruin TouchDown Club), send to   P. O. Box 4474, Greenwood Village, CO 80155 - please indicate that this is a donation & include your name, phone, e-mail.  Thank you for your support!

Online Donation